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Aquafresh ro is the largest selling product in India. We have any types of models to choose from like dolphin, super grand, aqua grand, smile, aqua prime, aqua supreme, aqua pearl, under the counter, 25lph, 50lph, 100lph, 250lph, 500lph, 1000lph,2000lph,5000lph and 10000lph ro systems. These Aquafresh ro systems are made up of high quality food grade materials. RO point is committed to provide best quality Aquafresh ro products and time bond service to our customers. An Aquafresh ro system carries a warranty for 1 year and our RO+UV+TDS+UF+MINERALS technology removes bacteria, virus, heavy metals, chemicals and salts from the water. Aquafresh ro has a wide dealer network in India.

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