100 LPH RO


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  • Best for Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurants.
  • No need to buy expensive water jar for drinking.
  • 100% pure and safe water for your requirements.
  • Compatible with water cooler and water Dispenser.
  • Purify any type of water like Underground water or Supply water.
  • Auto cut-off and auto start with water level sensor (Optional part).
  • Max duty cycle 500-700 ltr per day ( with 15 min. rest on every 2 hours)
  • Easy to maintain and clean
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  • Capacity : 90-100 Litres per hour *
  • Max Duty Cycle : 500-700 liters per Day
  • Membrane 3 No’s
  • 7 stagesPurification . 1) Pre-Candle, 2) Sediment, 3)Activated Carbon, 4) RO-UF,
  • 5) UV     System, 6)Post Corbon, 7) TDS Minimiser,
  • RO Membrane 300 GPD
  • Rejection of TDS Up to 90-95 %

6 reviews for 100 LPH RO

  1. Rajneesh Singh

    good quality product at reasonable cost..

  2. Vaibhav Mishra

    I like the quality of commercial RO system. Thank You so much RO Point. Its automatic system made it very easy to handle.

  3. Jai

    Nice product .I am satisfied with the performance of Commercial RO Water Plant.

  4. msumit

    satisfied and happy with the performance of commercial ro system.

  5. Sonia

    A great commercial products , reasonable price like it..

  6. Rimpy Arora

    Good service provider of commercial Ro system and good quality products at reasonable prices.

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