Taking care of your employees’ health and well being are the responsibilities of every employer no matter you own a school, mall, office, hospital or any other commercial complex. If you have a school you have kids whom you have to take care. If you own a mall, you have people from different age group whose health is directly or indirectly is your responsibility. If you have a hospital, then your responsibility increases manifold.

Why You Should Have A Concern As A Commercial Owner?

The major concern for commercial owners is to ensure that the water they are supplying for the drinking purpose is pure, healthy and disease-free. They have to make sure that they have commercial RO water purifier installed within their premises for water supply.

Why Do You Need Commercial RO System?

Direct water supply is not as pure as it should be as it is coming through pipes which could be corrode. There is a possibility if there is some cross-connection between sewerage pipe with the water supply pipe. In that case, water is not at all safe for drinking. Moreover, the underground source from where supply water is coming contains heavy metals and harmful chemicals. It is necessary that water should be purified and clean before using it for drinking purposes.

What Is The Solution?

You need commercial RO and install it into your premises to provide continuous supply of clean water to your visitors, employees, residents, etc. There are different types of commercial RO online available in different models and brands. These models vary based on the water quantity supplied after purifications along with technology on which it is based. These include:

  • 1000 LPH Commercial RO Plant

  • 500 LPH Commercial RO Plant

  • 250 LPH Commercial RO Plant

  • 150 LPH Commercial RO Plant

  • 100 LPH Commercial RO Plant

  • 25 Litres Per Hour Commercial RO Plant

  • 50 Litres Per Hour Commercial RO Plant

How To Choose The Most Suitable Commercial RO?

Here are some tips that could help you make the best decision of commercial RO.

  • Determine the quality of water: It is always important to know on which technology the water purifier is based on and what is purity percentage water obtained from it. Generally we have UV and RO based water purifiers, but for commercial purposes we have only Commercial ROs. Check online reviews and expert advice on the same and then make the final decision.

  • Certifications: The certification is always noteworthy as it guarantees that the purifier you are selecting meets international purity standards.

  • Brand credibility: Brand name is all what is sold. Always choose a reputable brand with great online reviews and several satisfied customers.

  • Cost: Cost is all that matters at last because you can only buy the one that you can afford. Keep an eye on the prices while shortlisting commercial RO models.