There is a high-usage of commercial ro system in India as in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, malls. The high-level quality material is used in the making of them. The 50 LPH RO Plant is enough to get drinking water(H20). They offer pure and safe water and efficient water supplies at offices. Even, there are 7 stages involved in 50 LPH offering pure and healthy water. It holds a film tech membrane with automatic flushing technology. It’s lightweight and easy to install in offices or at home.

Material and Features

  • The capacity of 40-50 LPH
  • Have of 2 nos. of a booster pump
  • 4 nos of RO Membranes
  • Usable for the institutional size of 50 – 75 persons.
  • Duty cycle: 350 liters/day that is 6-7 hours/day.
  • Permissible input water quality† (TDS Max.): 2000 ppm


  • 5o LPH is most suitable for Ordinary Offices, Corporates, Factories, Hospitals, and Schools, etc.
  • No more problems with carrying own water bottles.
  • With your Commercial ro plant flowing pure H20 all-time in a day and receive pure water
  • For Inexpensive, Purity in taste and no contamination, it is convenient to use.
  • Purify all kinds of H20sources like bore-well, water tank, underground water, & municipal tap h20.
  • 50 Lph is enough for 50-75 people in all places like offices, schools, and corporates.

Advantage of 50 LPH plant

  1.  This best for all the people who are in the range of 50-70 people in clinics, schools, factories, offices, etc.
  2. Even they are sustainable for installing at your homes as well.
  3. No risk of chemicals involvement the 7 stages works on purifying the H20
  4. They are cost-efficient anyone can buy. The prices start from Rs.30,000 for 50 LPH.
  5. They are easily available at online stores and gives the best and good quality of H20 in taste.

Why choose 50 LPH plant?

There are numerous reasons to pick commercial ro for houses. In today’s premises, the perfect ro services are not easily available. You require high performing purifiers that have great durability and easy to clean. The quality always matters. The liquid filtering process involves 7 stages. That means it eliminates all the chemicals, slat and metals from H20 and makes it fit for drinking.

Another complimenting reason is it is easy to buy in great quality at affordable prices. high-tech ro will make your health good and most importantly it’s not costly for use of 50-70 people in one go. Offices must get install them for their employees. Its double H20 purification by RO adding UV and TDS controller. They dispense water without using electricity. The flow of the H20 rate is 50.

So, plan out for the installation of such systems now and get safe drinking h20.

The bottom line

The 50 LPH Commercial RO plant is perfect for the solution to all the troubles like impure H20, contaminated water. Getting them to install will always give assurance to the people around you that the H20 you are offering them is totally health for their health. Install them today! As they offer more benefits and easily available even at online stores.

ro is a solution provider to all the problems. They work for customer satisfaction only. It offers all the best deals and discounts and serves you at your doorstep. By the purifier systems from them, they give warranties. Even servicing every 3 months if required. So, get them to install today itself. Don’t worry about anything we fulfill all the demands.