With increased commercialization, the demand of water purification systems is increasing day by day. Very school, mall, hospital, lab, restaurant and hotel needs Commercial RO System to fulfill water related needs of their business.

  • Hotels & restaurants need water for cooking and serving to their customers.
  • Schools have to supply only purified water to their students to avoid health problems.
  • Hospitals need water purifiers for so many purposes.

So, water needs are very crucial which have to be fulfilled without compromising its quality. That’s why they need commercial RO.

Generally, commercial filtration systems are the most common options for them, but it is equally important to make them running smoothly and supply filtered water every time it is required.

Routine maintenance of your purifier system is important and you should hire only professional to schedule a maintenance plan. There are several phases of RO Maintenance. Let’s understand them:

  • Phase 1

Water goes to the pre-filter first which consists of cartridge that filters out dirt, sand, silt and other sediments present in your water to protect the delicate reverse osmosis membranes. You need to get these cartridges changed every 6 to 9 months to ensure water filter efficiency. If you will fail to change the pre-filter on a scheduled time, then it cannot protect the RO membranes.

  • Phase 2

The second phase, water goes through a carbon filter. This filter removes chlorine and other contaminants associated with taste or odor. You need to replace carbon filter after every 6 to 9 months to keep chlorine away from delicate RO membrane which could damage it.

  • Phase 3

Next comes the RO phase in which the real separation process takes place. This process involves lots of pressure to send water through the RO membrane. Once the water is through, RO membrane holds the remaining contaminants on one side and sends pure water to the other side. The lifespan of the filter and membrane varies and it depends on water quality, condition and facility use. It needs to be changed after every 2 to 3 years.

  • Phase 4

This is the final phase which involves carbon filter stage. Carbon filters gives the final touch of filtration to the water like remove any odors or tastes issues. This step ensures that water which is supplied is at its best quality. Make sure you change them every 6 to 9 months.