• 250 LPH RO

    250 LPH RO Plant model is starting RO range in commercial RO plant segment with universal industry standard size
  • 1000 LPH RO

    1000 LPH RO System is mostly used in restaurant, hospital, school, mall, and hotel for supply to clean drink water. Our main goal is that give the best quality of commercial ro systems to our customer.
  • 100 LPH RO

    • Best for Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurants.
    • No need to buy expensive water jar for drinking.
    • 100% pure and safe water for your requirements.
    • Compatible with water cooler and water Dispenser.
    • Purify any type of water like Underground water or Supply water.
    • Auto cut-off and auto start with water level sensor (Optional part).
    • Max duty cycle 500-700 ltr per day ( with 15 min. rest on every 2 hours)
    • Easy to maintain and clean
  • 500 LPH RO

  • 50 LPH RO

    • Capacity  40-50 LPH
    • Consist with 2 nos. of booster pump and 4 nos of RO Membranes.
    • For an institutional size of 50 to 75 persons.
    • Duty cycle: 350 ltrs/day i.e.6-7 hrs/day.
    • TDS Rejection†: 90 TO 95%
    • Permissible input water quality† (TDS Max.): 2000 ppm
  • 25 LPH RO

    • It is preferred for Small offices, Play Schools, Clinic, educational institutions etc.
    • No need to purchase expensive mineral water.
    • Easy to maintain.
    • Helps to get rid of excess salts, pesticides, harmful bacteria and viruses, chemicals, TDS and heavy metals from the water thereby giving your pure water that tastes natural.
  • 2000 LPH RO

    • Assembled with High quality Imported Products.
    • Designed according to the customer requirement.
    • Designed for High efficiency work performance.
  • 5000 LPH RO

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