The big question is which type of water purifier is to be choose? Well, it should depend on the quality of water of your locality. If the water has more ions, then you should opt for a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purifier and if the minerals are low then should opt for UV (Ultra Violet) purifier.

 The difference between UV and RO water purifiers

Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifiers

In this purifier, water is purified using the RO technology in other word it is opposite of osmosis technology. Impurities like dissolved solids in water are removed. However chances of reducing invisible bacteria are less when compared to UV water purifier.This type of water purifier is used for households needs.

How does it works

The RO system water purifier has a membrane that filters the dissolved solids and invisible particles like bacteria present in water. It can reduce the germs and bacteria present in the water and is therefore a water cleansing process. The RO water system moves the molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration by using the pressure of water across the membrane and leaving the impurities and bacteria behind.

Ultra Violet (UV) water purifiers

This water purifier works with UV rays where the germs and microbes are destroyed with the help of UV (Ultra Violet) rays after the RO stage and in conclusion it gives pure and healthy water. This system kills harmful contaminants and can be combined with other forms of filtration by reducing chlorine. UV water purifier is most importantly used for commercial Ro water purifier

How does it works

The UV (Ultra Violet) water purifier makes water-borne diseases inactive by exposing them to UV rays. It uses UV light rays which are mounted in such a manner that when water passes through and it expose to UV rays, penetrate the cells of bacteria. Therefore as a result UV rays destroy their ability to reproduce.

The germs are destroyed with UV (Ultra Violet)  rays after the RO stage and give pure drinking water.


RO water purifier  mainly use for Household uses, domestic use etc.  and a UV water purifier is used for Commercial water purifier