Reverse Osmosis (RO)

In RO POINT we always look forward that our customer should have latest technology at affordable price. In our every Machine we provide an standard technology of water purification. The most basic feature we used is RO purification. RO is short name of Reverse Osmosis.

In this feature machine purify polluted water through RO membrane.
UV (Ultraviolet)
The other purification technology is UV (Ultraviolet). This feature removes harmful bacteria and germs and reduce the TDS of Water.
Ultra Filtration (UF)
The third purification technology, which is used in our advance Machines is called Ultra Filtration (UF). It finally removes all impurity and hardness in water which is left by first and Second stage. After UF purification the TDS of water is reduces upto 90%.

Other Features:-

  • TDS Controller : This feature control and tell the TDS of water.
  • Mineral Cartridges: This feature add Mineral and taste to the water.