With growing health problems these days, most individuals are advised to drink clean water. Drinking dirty or unclean water can cause serious health problems to both kids and adults both. It has become very important to install a good quality commercial water purifier so to keep yourself healthy.

7 things to consider before spending money on a Commercial RO Installation:

1. Ultra filtration feature in Commercial RO

When you buy a commercial RO water purifier do check that it provides you ultra filtration feature. It is a feature in which the membrane is made with larger holes through which water can even pass without much force or pressure. This feature also avoids any wastage of water.

2. UV protection

It is important to note if your commercial RO system has a UV water protection feature. Through this feature, the UV light is thrown on the water which causes kinds of bacteria and germs to die, thus making the water free from any kind of diseases caused by germs.

3. Water storage capacity

Before buying your water purifier get full information about the intake water holding capacity. It is advisable to buy a water purifier which can hold a good amount of water. In cases when you face a shortage of water or even when there is a power cut, having some stored water can be helpful for you.

4. Carbon filter feature

Activated Carbon feature is a type of filter that removes any kind of dangerous molecules present in the water. It is generally a type of filter in addition to UV protection.

5. Electric supply

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider before purchasing a commercial RO.If you live in a place where you face frequent power cuts then it is advisable to buy a gravity purifier that can hold a good amount of water.

6. Wall mountable Commercial RO

When you buy a commercial RO system, look for a system that can be easily wall mounted. This will save your space in the kitchen area and also it will look much better. Also, it becomes much easier to fill bottles and containers when your water purifier is wall mounted.

7. Timer facility

Auto on and the auto-off feature is one such feature which you can buy. Through this feature, you do not have to worry about switching the power on or turning it off. The regulator will automatically turn on and off according to the set timer.

Why choose Commercial Water Purifier for your workplaces?

  • Removes any kind of harmful metals and impurities present in the water.
  • Protects you from different kinds of water-borne diseases.
  • Improves your digestive system.
  • Helps in getting the purified and filtered water to drink.


This was all about the things which you should look for before purchasing a commercial RO water purifier. You can further choose other additional features in an RO by paying some extra amount. So, don’t wait for anything and buy the best Commercial RO System for healthy and safe drinking.