Drinking water is the basic need of any human being no matter whether it is at home or office. We cannot depend on tap water as it is no longer a reliable source of water. Therefore, having a quality & appropriate water filter at home or office is a necessity. There are several RO water purifier that functions on different purification technologies. Two most common water purification systems are: RO based and UV based water purifiers. Let’s find out difference between them.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter system?

It is water purification system in which water molecules move through a semi-permeable membrane. Because of this membrane, only water molecules can move to the other side of the membrane, leaving behind the dissolved salts and other impurities. Hence, the purified water obtained from RO technology is free from harmful bacteria and dissolved contaminants. You can find both domestic & commercial RO system.

What is UV water filter system?

It is a water purification system in which UV (Ultraviolet) rays are used to kill the harmful bacteria & viruses from the water. Hence, the purified water obtained in this purification system is completely disinfected from pathogens. You can find both domestic & commercial UV water purifier.


  • Maintenance Costs: Domestic or Commercial RO requires low maintenance costs, but periodic service is must to keep the RO running in the perfect condition. For a UV water purifier, UV lamps need annual replacement for better performance which is a costly affair.

  • Power Consumption: If you buy Aquafresh Commercial RO Water Purifier, its electricity consumption is less as compared to other equipment. RO purifier comes with 25 W that consumes 1 unit of current in 40 hours. While the UV purifier uses the same amount of energy as a 60W light bulb, making it affordable.

  • Size: Some high output commercial water purification systems recommended for office are suitable for 1-15 members. While a UV water purifier is suitable for 5 members.

  • Cost: The RO water purifiers are more expensive as compared to UV water purifiers. But you must consider cost of ownership along with health benefits.

While UV water purifier is not successfully giving 100% clean water as it just kills germs and bacteria, but do not separate heavy metals from water. That is why RO water purifiers are most preferred over UV purifiers.