While summer offers you a lot of opportunities to step outside of the house and enjoy the marvelous landscapes, it is also the time when the sun and the heat takes toll over your health. The biggest health problem that you may suffer from is loss of water- Dehydration. A hydrated body is healthy whereas if you have lack of water in your body, you can suffer from a range of problems including gastrological problems, skin problems, fatigue and more. Moreover, it is important to have a tested and verified water purifier at your home, because you cannot just drink any water but only filtered water.

If you are wondering why drinking water is important during summer, here are 4 good reasons:

  1. Protection and prevention from sunburn:

Sunburn is very common during summer season. The sun is at its worst and the harmful UV rays can affect your skin in great extent. However, if you drink plenty of water, you can offer your skin a protective shield against the sun. The skin, after dealing with the wet and cold months of summer and spring becomes very vulnerable. Dehydration can make your skin prone to several risks including severe sun burn and loss of water from the body.

  1. Prevents headaches:

The summer is one of the prime time of the year when you may experience headaches. The sun is bright and the hot and humid air takes toll over you’re the body. Fatigue, hormonal stress or sinus problems are at the highest and so is the side effect- headache. It has been observed that drinking a lot of water is actually helpful in dealing with summer headaches. You must have a water purifier at home to fill up your water bottles and take them along very time you step out of the home.

  1. Flawless & glowing skin:

Having flawless and glowing skin is very important for every woman. However, the summer sun is very ruthless when it comes to leaving your skin soft and supple. You may anytime use makeup to enhance your beauty, but, having glowing skin, naturally has its own charm. Drinking water keeps your skin hydrates, pores clean and breathing, which ultimately gives you a flawless glow.

  1. Energy:

Did you know that lack of water is one of the primary reasons you feel tired during the hot days of the year. Yes, if you do not have enough amount of water in your body, your activity level may drop. This is because water is important for several functions of the body including digestion and blood circulation. A parched body can experience troubles in seeking the nutrients from the diet or slow circulation of blood.

So, you must drink a lot of water. However, health experts recommend that one should not drink water from roadsides at all. In fact at home also, it is important to rely on a Water Purifier for a healthy and pure supply of water. Now that you know how water affects you during summer, get going and fill your water bottle.