Aquafresh Misty White RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller Water Purifier,15L


Model Name/Number Aquafresh Misty
Installation Type Wall-Mounted
Storage Capacity 15 L
Color White
Usage/Application Domestic
Body Material ABS Plastic
Purification Technology RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller
Country of Origin Made in India
Power Source Electric
Voltage 220 V

Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and gases from water.

What Is Reverse Osmosis (ROWater Purifier System?
It is water purification system that moves water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. As a result, only water molecules can move to the other side of the membrane, leaving behind the dissolved salts and other impurities. We are engaged in offering a wide range of Water Purifiers as per client’s various needs. Get best price of Aquafresh Misty White RO+UV+UF+TDS Control Water Purifier.


  • Removes disease-causing contaminants.
  • Sweetens the taste of water.
  • Removes Heavy Metals.
  • Effective Water Purification.
  • Drinking RO purified water enhances our overall health and well-being. It improves digestive health, supports kidney function, hydrates and energizes our body, improves skin and hair health along with several other benefits.


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